Vessel Operators for DRY BULK, OIL TANKERS, PROJECT & HEAVY LIFT movers World Wide
Vessel Operators for DRY BULK, OIL TANKERS, PROJECT & HEAVY LIFT movers World Wide
Vessel Operators for DRY BULK, OIL TANKERS, PROJECT & HEAVY LIFT movers World Wide
Vessel Operators for DRY BULK, OIL TANKERS, PROJECT & HEAVY LIFT movers World Wide
Vessel Operators for DRY BULK, OIL TANKERS, PROJECT & HEAVY LIFT movers World Wide
Vessel Operators for DRY BULK, OIL TANKERS, PROJECT & HEAVY LIFT movers World Wide

Ship Operators​

Ship Operators

We have an in house chartering division which inter alia caters to our wet and dry bulk cargo as well as project parcels. At any given time we have minimum couple of dry cargo and product tanker ships under charter plying the oceans. Quite often we undertake COA of construction materials, coal, sulphur, urea, industrial salt, ore etc as well as Oil products distillates and crude. Read more . . . Subject to market conditions, we operate tramps especially in the North and South America, Med-Conti-Black-Red Sea, Afreica, Arabian Gulf and South East Asia-India sectors. Our commitment to meeting the demands of our customers and the motivation to blaze new paths in efficiently mastering the emerging challenges are the wind in our sails. Read less

Dry Bulk, General Cargo

Owing our extensive networking with dry cargo vessel Owners from Coastal to Panamax to Capemax sizes, we provide diversified needs in dry cargo transportation, be it a single voyage time or trip charter, a COA of Iron Ore, aggregate, grains , cement, clinker, Sulphur, Urea, steel or logs, our offices would attend to customer specific needs on 24 x 7 basis.

Dry Bulk, General Cargo​



Aquamar, as an ocean going tanker operators, dedicated to the safe and reliable marine energy transportation worldwide, operate fleets of Medium Range (MR), midsized Tankers including Suezmax, aframax and Long Range (LR1, LR2) vessels. Read more . . . Our experienced tanker team capable to cater for Clean Petroleum Products (CPP), refined oil aswell as Chemical Products. We are strong enough to cater for Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP) specially for Crude and fuel oil transportation. We are able to innovate and continually adapt new strategy to the rapidly changing nature of the shipping markets and grew out to become the best in this world oil transportation market. Read less

Heavy lift and Project cargo Movers

Transportation challenges do not normally end at load or discharge ports. Integrated multimodal transport solutions from factory to destination are worked out meticulously, including road route plan, computerized pre stowage plan, liaising with stevedores, ships mate, lashing materials selection, lashing plan etc. Read more . . . We offer LIFT , SHIP and INSTALL services as a package, when and where required be it a 500 MW generator from Europe to PG or 11 railway wagons from E.C India to Med or a cement kiln to West coast of Africa .No mountain is un climbable. Oil and gas industry, offshore wind energy sector, expansion of port infrastructure, construction and modernization of thermal power plants and virtually anything large, heavy and complex, are the focus of our core business of PROJECTS & HEAVY LIFT. Read less

Heavy lift and Project cargo Movers​



Any type of vehicles, from cars to amphibians on wheels or in tracks can be shipped out worldwide including Heavy trucks, earth moving equipment, crawler cranes, military vehicles etc.We have roro vessels with ramp capacity up to 200 tons swl and main garage height of 6.5 mtrs.

Yacht transportation

Is another of our expertise, where we are able to provide very competitive freights, without compromising on reliability and safety. We arrange specialized spreaders, lifting gears/materials, boat cradles, chokes, crating when required so as to avoid any sort of damage to the yacht hull or superstructure. Yard to destination, water to water or quay to water carriage or dry towage is offered.

Yacht transportation​

Float on Float off and Dry towage​​

Float on Float off and Dry towage​

Hull Damaged ships, jack ups , un manned demolition tonnages are transported by submersible ships where a “ dry tow” is offered. We have techno-commercial tie ups with major submersible vessel operators and can undertake east or west coast Africa,continent,med, Arabian Gulf , India and far east operations. Read more . . .When deploying a purpose built semi-submersible is commercially unviable, we offer in house know how, personnel and equipment to convert conventional sea worthy pontoon barges into submersibles on ad hoc basis. Our contracted team of ballasting engineers undertake to submerge conventional barges on ad hoc basis to enable dry towage of vessels of up to 2000 mt LDT, and this process is highly cost and time effective when compared to conventional purpose built semi-submersible ship charter/freight charges. Read less

IMDG/ Hazardous cargo​

We have our team of trained IMO hazardous cargo handling personnel. We routinely handle IMO cargo shipments of class 1.1 from South Africa, Black sea and EU area to gulf, red sea area. We are able to provide at short notice IMO and SOLAS certified vessels for the afreightment.

IMDG/ Hazardous cargo​

IMDG/ Hazardous cargo​​

Offshore oil exploration / production support services​

Offshore oil explorations and production support services

An experienced reliable partner in all offshore installation projects, be it , load out of a Jacket , top end installation, or subsea installation of SPM mooring lines, we marshal and provide the pontoon barges, tugs, Crane barges,ROV and diving team at very short notice.

Terminal tow, Salvage tow, Platform towage​

We offer harbor towage for vessels to Move to berths in ports where tugs are temporarily insufficient or under powered. Salvage towage is offered in and around the Arabian Gulf.

Terminal tow, Salvage tow, Platform towage​​

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